Robnipulate (verb): to touch and/or retouch "Robert Pattinson" with skillful hands, by the use of mechanical means.

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Sex-a-licious Saturday with Aylah50

Today Aylah50 brings a Sex-a-licious Saturday Guest Post:

Thanks so much to RobButtonsBabe for creating Grungeward, or should I say, Edward Catalano! This flannel and combat boots-wearing Edward was created for my fanfic, “The Ride,” which starts off in the nineties. She did such an excellent job of bringing the character to life, from the long, grunge-y hair to the angsty gaze. One look at him, and I’m crying out “I wanna be sedated!”

Click HERE to link to the chapter for Grungeward!

RBB: As always it is my pleasure to anyone who has a request for a manip for a fanfic…  Just give me a holla. 

Sex-a-licious Saturday: Period Style Costume Porn

You know sometimes dressing up can be very fun . . . especially when some undressing is also involved.  Darling, dear Rob transforms instantly into suave, debonair, corset-dropping Rob when clothed in period style costume.

I think I know why guys wore top hats back then.  The
hat proved useful they became, errr, aroused … making certain things quite easy to hide
all the while looking like they were demonstrating respect,  while taking their hats off to the ladies. The bowing in greeting — that also  helps hide the disco stick.

Period style costume:  fuckhawt and useful all at once.

And then I shall grace you with none other than the BULGING BUTTONS!

Like seriously,  how can he even FIT both his hands in them pants with a bulge like that??  Just seeing BOTH hands in his pockets makes me want to volunteer my services in relieving those bulging buttons.

A huge thank you to @vanessarae1 for her help on this post

Sex-a-licious Saturday – NSFW – View at your own RISK

So we all know now that the Details shoot released some fucktabulous photos…

I think it is time to start Sex-a-licious Saturday Posts for a taste off the REAL Rob and not a RobNip!  If this seems to satisfy the desires and needs of us all Robsessed out there then i will continue.  So please leave comments. Do you want us to continue Saturday posts of Rob pic spam? Do you have any suggestions? Will you join us on the weekend for a bit of RobPorn? Spill your guts…… *not literally of course*

See more after a lick and a hump…