Robnipulate (verb): to touch and/or retouch "Robert Pattinson" with skillful hands, by the use of mechanical means.

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RobNip™ 66.3 – Rob’s Word of Advice re: Fitness

Our next question is from someone who made a New Year’s resolution to get in shape…

Question: Rob do you have any fitness tips?

Rob says: It’s very important to watch your diet and keep hydrated. I prefer Hot Pockets and Heinekens – the food and drink of champions. I also suggest airbrushing. That’s essential to my fitness routine.


Well that’s some more great advice! Airbrushing those bulges and stretch marks will make all the difference!

Stay tuned for more of Rob’s Words of Advice!

RobNip™ 66.2 – Rob’s Word of Advice re: Formal Occasions

Our next question comes from someone seeking Rob’s expertise in looking good for special occasions.

Question: I have semi-formal occasion coming up. I’m very nervous and don’t know what to wear.

Rob says: I suggest a smart fitting suit and shimmer powder.

Good advice, Rob! That always works brilliantly! I’m sure the questioner’s date will love it!

RobNip™ 66.1 – Rob’s Words of Advice re: Job Interviews

As we start the New Year, we realized that you, the brilliant and amazing readers of RobNipulations, might want to turn to Rob, and utilize his own experience and wisdom to help you accomplish your goals this year.

Therefore, we are happy to bring to you:  Rob’s Words of Advice

Our first question is from a current job-hunter.

Question: I’m nervous about a job interview I have coming up, what should I do?

Rob says: Take a half, err, a quarter of a valium and you’ll do great.

We all know that advice worked out well for Rob, and hopefully it will for you, too, job-seeker!

Stay tuned for more of Rob’s Words of Advice!