Robnipulate (verb): to touch and/or retouch "Robert Pattinson" with skillful hands, by the use of mechanical means.

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RobNip™ 3.2 – Rob’s balls

Every now and again, Rob feels like getting out of his hotel room and letting loose a bit. You know, get the old juices flowing. And when that happens, Rob likes to take out his balls and throw them around.

Whether he’s rolling his balls on a wooden floor…

Throwing his balls to the other end of a grassy area…

Or just playing with his balls in bed…

Rob and his balls will work up a sweat, then go ALL night.

**BowlerRob is dedicated to @RPfangirlDC

RobNip™ 2.2 – Mail Carrier Rob has a package for you

Mail carrier Rob has an extra special delivery for you… He’s dying to show you EXACTLY what’s in his package.

So the hard part is really: which Rob to choose?

FedExRob? He looks good in blue, and his package does look a little bit bigger. And he has such nice, strong hands… Those could really take you places.

But UPSRob is ready to vie for your, ahem, affections. While UPSRob’s outfit isn’t as good, he really knows how to use his lips and mouth. And he likes to take his time. Unfortunately, this means his buttons are always wrong because he has to rush to get dressed for work after you’re done… Ah well, that’s the price you pay.

But, you know, maybe this Rob is the winner. He’s got a present for you, after all. Can you guess what it is? Why don’t you help Rob unwrap that?

RobNip™ 1.3 – A weekend with Hotel Rob

Sometimes you just need to get away from it all. And when you do, BellboyRob is here to take care of you.
He’ll carry your bags…
And then carry you to bed.

But first, take a cue from this little girl, and check out his package.
That’ll get things started.

Always be sure to give him a generous TIP!
Some extra nice tips that we suggest:

1) Invite him to CUM in your room for a mind blowing game of Strip Poker or Naked Twister
2) Slide him your silk panties
3) Carelessly *COUGHonpurposeCOUGH* drop a $10 bill. Then bend over and show him what you’re NOT wearing under your miniskirt…

A little visual…

Since you’re only human, you’ll eventually need some sustenance to keep up the crazy pace. RoomServiceRob is here to feed you, and then service you in any way you require…

You may be wondering, as we did, what is on RoomServiceRob’s menu?

  • Eggs BeneDICK
  • RoTITSerie Chicken
  • Cherry Poppin’ Pie
  • WHIPped Cream
  • Heineken, of course
And, lastly, the appropriate conclusion to any fun-filled evening: Robgasms for All!

**Much thanks to @FireCr0tch and @Just_Christy for their creative and perv-a-licious suggestions with no notice**