Robnipulate (verb): to touch and/or retouch "Robert Pattinson" with skillful hands, by the use of mechanical means.

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RobNip™ 7.1 – Electrician Rob

Whenever you’ve had a rough day or when you just need a break, Electrician Rob is here to light you up!


Electrician Rob is very hands-on… and he must have skillful hands to clip the right wires.  Those very same hands will send shock waves through you when they grab places you’ve always wanted them to grab…  As he uses his tool, so swiftly and effortlessly, thousands of volts will shoot down your spine.  Electrician Rob specializes in switching on your lights, and WOW does he light up your world!  Is it hot in here?  We may want to ask Electrician Rob to check the A/C.  It seems it may be broken from all the sparks flying!!