Robnipulate (verb): to touch and/or retouch "Robert Pattinson" with skillful hands, by the use of mechanical means.

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RobNip Trivia Contest

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  • You will have 4 hours to comment and any commenter after the 4 hours will be ineligible.
  • You must post your answers in the comments.
  • We will use a random number generator to choose a comment number, if your comment number is chosen, and you have at least 5 answers correct, you win!
  • If you do not have at least 5 answers correct, we will use the random number generator until we have a winner.
  • Please include your Twitter name in your comment.  Once a winner is chosen we will tweet you.
  • This will end at 4 pm EST on July 8th 2010


Eclipse: The Official Illustrated Movie Companion


1.  What breed was Rob’s dog Patty?

2.  What stage name has Rob used when performing at open mic?

3.  Which book of the Twilight Saga was Rob’s favorite book?

4.  At what age did Rob say he stop taking ballet lessons?

5.  What play did he get fired from just before opening night?

6.  What pseudonym did Rob use to check into a French hotel during the Cannes Film Festival?



RobNip™ – You Fic It, We Nip It Contest

Here is what we want from you:

We are holding another contest that gets you, the fantastical fans, involved. We want you to unleash your perv a little. 🙂

Here is the deal…

1) Think up an idea for a RobNip™

2) Send us a picture to go with that idea. RobsButtonsBabe will create the manip for you. And lastly….

3) Write a Fanfic to go along with the manip

All those who are interested will need to email us at with your pictures and written piece of work.

We will pick 5 winners whose FanFic and RobNip idea will be featured on our blog.  Not only will they get their shot to be a RobNip Celeb for a day, but they’ll also win a fucktabulous prize!!!

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