Robnipulate (verb): to touch and/or retouch "Robert Pattinson" with skillful hands, by the use of mechanical means.


NEW Water for Elephant Wallpapers and MUCH MORE!!!

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RobNip™ 63.2 – Santa and his Robdeer

Nothing like Rob in a harness to put me in the Christmas spirit!  While it’s true that sentiments like those are likely to put me on the “naughty” list — quite frankly, I’m fine with that. After all, who wouldn’t wanna jump Rob looking so fly and spry and tied up? He looks so, ummm, energetic, and up for anything, if you know what I mean.

I know I wanna tell him to giddy up so I can go for a ride!  I’m pretty sure one of these Robdeer could take me around the world in a very long, hot, sweaty steamy, lovely night. After working so hard, and getting all lathered up, I’ll give my Robdeer a really good rubdown.

Clearly Santa is giver because look! There are *four* Robdeer.  I plan on delivering one to each of my RobNipulations hoors, reins in hand. Have fun, ladies!

Note from RBB: Yes, I had to JUMP *snicker* on the Jumping Rob Train..  errr rather sleigh for this manip. It was too funny not to!

Robiday Mobile Wallpapers: iPad, iPhone, and Blackberry

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RobNip™ 63.1 – Holiday Rob

Joy to the world! It’s Holiday Rob.

We’re not sure about you guys, but we’re a tad more interested in unwrapping the package in the lower half of this picture. Just sayin. Annnnnd insert holiday-appropriate sexual innuendo about stuffing our stockings, being on the naughty list, and singing things like Oh Come All Ye Faithful.

Happy Robidays Wallpapers

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Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

*PS. I made these. I do not tag my wallpaper but please credit. Thank you!

RobNip™ 62.3 – Sledding Rob and Tom

Jingle balls, jingle balls, jingle all the waaaaaay!

Oh, is that not how the song goes? Mah bad. It’s just when I look at this picture of two fabulous looking young men, it just makes my thoughts go south. Not to Florida, to their crotches. There’s nothing that winter brings to mind for me more than snow balls. Jingle balls. Any balls. But specifically, man balls.

Mmmm, I’m so ready to jingle those balls right now. With my tongue. We here at RobNipulations are all #ballers. Can’t help it.

Just look – Rob’s balls are just pressed right up against Tom’s back. RAWR. I’d like to get in the middle of that man-ball-man(ball) sandwich. I’ll be the mayo. Or maybe that’s another creamy white substance?

RobNip™ 62.2 – Super Hello Kitty Rob

Oh Rob, my super hero!  Mmmm, you’re the only one who, in this guise, can make Hello Kitty HOTTTT on a man.  Truly only you could pull off the magenta.  Thankfully those briefs fit snugly but . . . it would be even more fun to peel them and those tights right off.

Oh yes, I could be your superhero and grant freedom to those parts of you that have been so cruelly constrained. FREEDOM TO THE MAN PARTS!

Who doesn’t like a good SURPRISE?

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