Robnipulate (verb): to touch and/or retouch "Robert Pattinson" with skillful hands, by the use of mechanical means.


RobNip™ 65.2 – Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Rob

Who doesn’t love a festive Christmas party?  Ugly Christmas Sweater Rob is definitely ready to party!

Yes, he may have “borrowed” this cardigan from your mother’s closet.  He’s also rocking the jazz hands and Santa Hat.  This leads me to believe that perhaps Rob dipped into the holiday adult beverage refreshments in the process of getting ready, and well before his actual arrival at the party.  That’s alright with me. After all, who doesn’t find sloshed Rob adorable  -remember his “vocaaaayshun” outburst?

I think I’ll get my party on as well. After all — zippers are meant for unzipping, trousers are meant for dropping,  and skirts are meant for lifting. That sounds like a part with Ugly Sweater Rob to me!

RobNip™ 65.1 – Fuck Hawt FanFic Monday: Priest Rob

Today we’re getting back in the habit with Priest Rob!

Yes, it’s that time. Time to worship at the feet of Priest Rob. Well, maybe I won’t be worshiping his feet…. I would certainly rather be worshiping another part of his body while I’m down there on my knees :p

Some filthy words for your reading pleasure:

Confessions by luvrofink

Bring On The Wonder by Bronzehyperion

Sinned by PeteTheMagicalUnicorn

**This manip was specially made for Biel 🙂 **


Away in a manger,
no crib for His bed…

Wait, what? That’s not the baby Jesus. You know, if you’re starting to see Rob’s face just about everywhere you look, it might be time to step away from the Twilight. It might even be time for an intervention. Not like we’d know anything about being completely preoccupied by Robert Pattinson. Cos, yeah, we could give or take the guy, really. Give him some sugar or take him for a ride, that is.


RobNip™ 64.5 – SURPRISE!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY @rpattzlawyer

From AmberChagrined:

My naughtiness apprentice has developed mad skillz! I feel so very proud!

In honor of your birthday, @rpattzlawyer, we bring you some fun in a box.  Oh wait, you wanted “Dick in a Box”? No, you wanted HIS dick in YOUR box.  Lemme see if that can be arrange.

In the meantime, I’d like to wish you a happy birthday!  You’ll always be Sweet Baby Benson to me! Go forth with you naughty skillz, my special advice and lessons, your racktastic boobs and love for cheekies and make the world a better place!

From AngryBadgerGirl:

A girl so sweet,
She’s a true treat,
Born on Christmas Eve,
I gotta believe
She’s a gift even Santa can’t beat!

Happy Birthday, Bek!

Love, Fiz

From RobsButtonsBabe:

@rpattzlawyer, I swear we have known each other for like close to 2 years, and I lurve you to bits and pieces.  I may or may not be DRUNK writing this but in all sincerity you are the best friend I have had so far on twitter and I am so very lucky to have had you as a blog partner and FRIEND!  may you be the best perv you can be in the army! I Hope you have many more birthdays to CUM.. *snicker*  Today’s YOUR day enjoy it and best wishes to you in everything you do… and many orgasms to CUM *wink*


(click HERE to see a special message)

Make sure you leave @rpattzlayer some lurve in the comments!!!! ❤

RobNip™ 64.4 – Snow Shoveling Rob

I really, really needed some help with shoveling the snow this morning.  I was lazy in bed with someone excessively hot and very naked when I mused aloud about my concerns that we’d be snowed in.  As my stash of hot pockets and Heinie was rapidly dwindling after a few days of “fun,” my extremely helpful friend offered to shovel the walk for me.

While it’s true that he looks quite cold, the view from behind is lovely isn’t it?  And not to worry, any cold-induced shriveling that occurs will be remedied as soon as my snow-shoveling friend returns indoors. In the meantime,  I thought I’d share my own special Christmas-time memories with you by posting this picture.

Oh crap, I’m being informed that this visage (and memory) were created by the very talented RobsButtonsBabe.  It’s okay, I’ll cherish it as my own anyway!

You can, too! Think of it as a gift from the girls at RobNipulations to you!

RobNip™ 64.3 – Gingerbread Man Rob

Oh dear! Gingerbread Man Rob is in a bit of sticky situation! You see, this pup finds Gingerbread Man Rob’s sticky bits as exciting and tasty and sweet and spicy as you and I might.  While Rob is surely  made for devouring,  I doubt this is what he had in mind.  And that button is most assuredly not made of gumdrops, if you know what I mean. Buttons, buttons, suddenly I have buttons on the brain.  Kinda like @RobsButtonsBabe!

Don’t worry, Rob, we can make it all better with liberal application of some frosting. We’ll fix-up those bits of yours and ensure that they are sticky-yummy-lickable, perfect for the girls at RobNipulations — who have been known to have an appetite for licking, I mean, who have been known to have a sweet tooth.

Suddenly, I’m hungry for . . . gingerbread!

RobNip™ 64.2 – Rudolph Rob

It’s Christmas Karaoke time at RobNips! And a one, and a two, and a three…

Robert the red-nosed reindeer,
is looking at us like WTF?
Why do you make these manips?
You don’t even earn make a buck!

All of my Brit Pack buddies,
Used to think I was cool,
Now they all read this blog,
and they point and laugh like fools…

Aw, we’d feel sorry for him if he didn’t look so darn adorable being the butt of our jokes. A butt we’d smack. Fondle. Pinch. Whatever. Jokes + Rob + butts = happy RobNips blog hoors is what we’re saying.

RobNip™ 64.1 – Naughty Santa Rob

As we get  closer and closer to Christmas, I must admit that I have visions of something dancing in my head… not sugarplums, visions more like this.  Baby, it’s cold outside — what I need to get it hot in herrrrre is some Naughty Santa Rob!

First, I’m gonna sit on his lap.  Santa Rob would like a lap dance, dontcha think?  Thankfully, my lil elf dress is very short  and quite accommodating! Then I’m gonna demonstrate my mad skillz, including the ability to remove that big ole belt buckle without using my hands.  I’m gonna offer Naughty Santa Rob his favorite snack, my “sugar cookie.”  Next, I’m gonna whisper in his ear and ask for my very special present, something I want in my box… Can you guess what it is?

Sex-a-licious Saturday with Aylah50

Today Aylah50 brings a Sex-a-licious Saturday Guest Post:

Thanks so much to RobButtonsBabe for creating Grungeward, or should I say, Edward Catalano! This flannel and combat boots-wearing Edward was created for my fanfic, “The Ride,” which starts off in the nineties. She did such an excellent job of bringing the character to life, from the long, grunge-y hair to the angsty gaze. One look at him, and I’m crying out “I wanna be sedated!”

Click HERE to link to the chapter for Grungeward!

RBB: As always it is my pleasure to anyone who has a request for a manip for a fanfic…  Just give me a holla. 

RobNip™ 63.3 – 12 days of Robmas, 2010 edition

On the 12 days of Robmas, Rob’s true love (me, natch) gave to him…

One rpattz blowup doll (for sexy times!)

The bestest buddies evah!

Three friends to jam with

Four white boy rappers

Five raaaaaaare guitars!!!! (from Norman’s, of course)

Six shared pairs of Sambas

Seven (thousand) “I’m Bella” delusions written in blood (I didn’t do this, really. And I hope it’s not really blood.)

Eight+ reasons for restraining orders (that’s not me, I swear)

Nine Twilight cakes (that say Darlene, sorry)

Ten drunken nights (and many more!)

Eleventy million jumping Rob memes

and a

12 pack of Heineken!!