Robnipulate (verb): to touch and/or retouch "Robert Pattinson" with skillful hands, by the use of mechanical means.

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Update on RobsButtonsBabe

I have started a new blog mainly for pictures I want to showcase and then all my artwork (wallpapers, manips, banners, etc.)

Please click to check it out: The Unbuttoned Collection

We at RobNipulations™ would like to say Goodbye!

We are currently in a place where we can no longer continue with RobNipulations™.  Unfortunately, that means that we cannot continue posting at RobNips™, and we are closing effective today. It’s been a great ride, but it’s true that all good things must come to an end.

Thank you, our dear, pervy readers for all you have done to make this site successful! We appreciate you more than you know!

RobsButtonsBabe will still be taking requests for banners, photo edits, manips, and wallpapers, and may also start another wordpress or a tumblr for her work. She hopes to create a portfolio in preparation for starting school in the fall for graphics design.

RPattzlawyer will continue with her deviant lawyering, having as much sexytimes as she can get her hands (and other things) on…

amberchagrined still rolls hardcore jurist, remains devoted to grape Jolly Ranchers and Skittle juice.

AngryBadgerGirl will continue telling jokes…mostly to her dog, who just sits there and looks at her funny.


So once again, thank you for everything and keep in touch!


Rob, along with the hOOrs here at RobNipulations, wants to wish you and yours a Happy Nude Rear!!!

We hope you all have a fabulous year, filled with sexy men/women and lots of lovin!

GQ Robert Pattinson Desktop/Mobile Wallpapers

*click to get full size images*









RobNip™ 64.5 – SURPRISE!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY @rpattzlawyer

From AmberChagrined:

My naughtiness apprentice has developed mad skillz! I feel so very proud!

In honor of your birthday, @rpattzlawyer, we bring you some fun in a box.  Oh wait, you wanted “Dick in a Box”? No, you wanted HIS dick in YOUR box.  Lemme see if that can be arrange.

In the meantime, I’d like to wish you a happy birthday!  You’ll always be Sweet Baby Benson to me! Go forth with you naughty skillz, my special advice and lessons, your racktastic boobs and love for cheekies and make the world a better place!

From AngryBadgerGirl:

A girl so sweet,
She’s a true treat,
Born on Christmas Eve,
I gotta believe
She’s a gift even Santa can’t beat!

Happy Birthday, Bek!

Love, Fiz

From RobsButtonsBabe:

@rpattzlawyer, I swear we have known each other for like close to 2 years, and I lurve you to bits and pieces.  I may or may not be DRUNK writing this but in all sincerity you are the best friend I have had so far on twitter and I am so very lucky to have had you as a blog partner and FRIEND!  may you be the best perv you can be in the army! I Hope you have many more birthdays to CUM.. *snicker*  Today’s YOUR day enjoy it and best wishes to you in everything you do… and many orgasms to CUM *wink*


(click HERE to see a special message)

Make sure you leave @rpattzlayer some lurve in the comments!!!! ❤

Sex-a-licious Saturday with Aylah50

Today Aylah50 brings a Sex-a-licious Saturday Guest Post:

Thanks so much to RobButtonsBabe for creating Grungeward, or should I say, Edward Catalano! This flannel and combat boots-wearing Edward was created for my fanfic, “The Ride,” which starts off in the nineties. She did such an excellent job of bringing the character to life, from the long, grunge-y hair to the angsty gaze. One look at him, and I’m crying out “I wanna be sedated!”

Click HERE to link to the chapter for Grungeward!

RBB: As always it is my pleasure to anyone who has a request for a manip for a fanfic…  Just give me a holla. 

Holiday Water for Elephants Wallpapers

Desktop – 1600×1200

iPad – 1024×1024

iPhone – 320×480

Blackberry – 480×360

NEW Water for Elephant Wallpapers and MUCH MORE!!!

Click to enlarge and right click save 😀

iPad – 1024×1024

iPhone – 320×480

Blackberry – 480×360

Desktop Wallpapers – 1280×800

Check out the NEW HQ Water for Elephant Trailer – HERE

Almost 200 HQ WFE Screencaps – HERE

16 WFE GIFs featuring Rob – HERE

Please go Download the Water for Elephants Trailer on iTunes NOW – HERE

Robiday Mobile Wallpapers: iPad, iPhone, and Blackberry

For a tutorial on how to get these wallpapers onto your iPad or iPhone click here.

iPad: 1024×1024

iPhone: 320×480

Blackberry: 480×360

Click on each image to enlarge, then you can right click and save!

You can see all of these over at Twi-Mobile as well!

Happy Robidays Wallpapers

These are 1280×1024
If you ever want to request a wallpaper or a different size just shoot me an email at

Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

*PS. I made these. I do not tag my wallpaper but please credit. Thank you!