Robnipulate (verb): to touch and/or retouch "Robert Pattinson" with skillful hands, by the use of mechanical means.

RobNip™ 68.1 – Robster’s Dicktionary: Penis Edition

Yes, lucky readers, it’s time for us to once again turn to the Robster’s Dickionary for more important terms.  We here at RobNipulations are dedicated to increasing your vocabulary. Today’s topic is something close to all of our hearts — the PENIS.

We present you with this  list of penis euphemisms, and some Rob-related commentary

A – Ass Cleaver (This is one of Rob’s BFF’s favorites)

B – Big Boy Beanpole (Magical, and grows so big and tall –  just like in a fairy tale)

C – Chicksicle ( You like ’em cold and sparkly, right? And perfect for licking!)

D – Dickimus Maximus  (Bigger, in this case, is better)

E – Elephant Trunk (That’s what Water for Elephants is about, right?)

F – Fallopian Fiddler  (Play my parts anytime, baby!)

G – Godzilla (*smirk* @RebyKay)

H – Heat-Seeking Moisture Missile (What can I say? Hot, moist — exactly!)

I – Impregnator Injector  (Shoot me up anytime)

J – Joy Juicer (Nom nom nom)

K – King Dong (Clearly)

L – Lickin’ Stick (It’s like I always say, ell eye LICKY see kay LICKY why)

M – Melon Baster (*splash*)

N – Nine Inch Nudger (Ummm, yes, please!)

O – One-Eyed Wonder Worm (the Eighth – or eight inch? –  Wonder of the World)

P – Purple Pulsating Pillar of Power (Purple is cool.)

Q – Quantum Jizzix (My preferred area of study)

R  – Robinator (Always, always — he cums back!)

S  – Sparkly Tickler (You want to know if he really sparkles down there, dontcha?)

T – Tom’s Toy Thumb (Heh)

U – Uterus Unicorn (Y’all remember Prancing Unicorn Rob, right?)

V – Vulva Volvo (Mmm, you can park your Volva in my special place)

W – Womb Warrior (Always  ready to conquer)

X – Xstacy Stick (You know some stickin’ would cause some ecstacy!)

Y – Yum Yang (Like Chinese food — you eat some and you always want some more later)

Z – Zamboner (Absolutely necessary to keep one’s special rink open for play)

The soundtrack for today’s post is clearly Shontelle’s Licky (Under the Covers)

Thanks to @thedailydogfood, @sarahnxx, and @RobsButtonsBabe for entries.  Thanks also to the forum and various sites on the interwebs for inspiration and terms as well!

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