Robnipulate (verb): to touch and/or retouch "Robert Pattinson" with skillful hands, by the use of mechanical means.

Robster’s Dicktionary: Bel Ami Edition

Today we are continuing your Rob education (or Robucation, if you will) by giving you some more entries in the Robster Dicktionary:

Bel Ami style


Du Rob/Du bert (proper noun): Despite the actual name of Rob’s character being Du Roy, that’s just not robsessive enough.

Faux sex (noun, with adjective): What Rob will be having during the filming of Bel Ami, much to his chagrin. Lots of hot, up against the wall, in a stagecoach… faux sex.

Mustache rides (noun/verb, depending on usage):  What Rob’s character, Du Rob, will be graciously providing for the female characters in Bel Ami. Doesn’t he look excited already?!

Robfair (verb): The act of having a physical (or, more likely, emotional, psychological, drug-induced) affair with Robert Pattinson. See also, robgasms, robnial, robtimatums and robterventions.

Adultery (noun): What Rob will repeatedly be committing as Du Rob in Bel Ami. Damned if we can’t wait for it!

Jealousy (noun): What we feel every time there is a rumor that Rob has hooked up with another hot young thing (even if we just hear that some new chick gets to make out with him for a bit). Bitches.


Thanks to the people who helped think up new entries in the Robster Dicktionary!!

@spidermonkey00 @Tedracat @VancityLili @callsignC30

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