Robnipulate (verb): to touch and/or retouch "Robert Pattinson" with skillful hands, by the use of mechanical means.

Fuckhawt Fanfic Monday: Office Rob

First off, a big fuckhawt welcome to Just_Christy, who will be unleashing her pervy side a bit and helping us out when she gets a chance! Woot!


Usually, on Monday mornings, you have to drag yourself out of bed, relying entirely on coffee and the promise of a paycheck to get you going. But ever since some recent personnel changes at the office — well, let’s just say you’ve been extremely motivated to get to work.  In fact, after some long, restless nights filled with dreams of your incredibly hot new officemate, you’re positively aching to shower, pull on your lucky panties (you know, those ones), and wear your pencil skirt with your fuck-me shoes.   Heck, you’ve even been getting to work early. What could motivate you so? You know what — fuckhawt Office Rob.


There’s just something about the way he adjusts his glasses or taps a pencil along that juicy bottom lip.  You can just imagine pulling those glasses off and pulling him to you as you suck gently on that luscious pouting lip…  Even the way he types on his keyboard seems like a caress.   You wanna loosen that tie and loosen up those buttons.  You want to see him push that keyboard aside and pull you on top of that desk, scattering papers while both of you lose your clothes.   Somehow the hours in the office fly by, when you’ve got Office Rob to occupy your fantasies.

Fuckhawt Fanfic featuring Office Rob:

The Office by tby789 – You want a Beautiful Bastard? You got him!

His Personal Assistant by NorthernLights17

Age of Consent: My Summer as a Legal Intern by littlesecret84

At the Office by McCullen

Crash by EclipsedofSoul

Mr Perfect by FatalBeautyx3

Elevators, Strangers and Surprises by AMayes

Bella and the Billionaire by nashstheory

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